Home & Property Insurance

* Home System Breakdown Coverage
* Service Line Coverage
* Identity Theft Protection

We are confident in offering a homeowners product that is second to none. We start with an in-depth look into your coverages so we can make sure your home is protected from any problem that might arise big or small. We have multiple protections built into our policies that will protect you and your home if a major system like your heating or cooling were to quit working or crucial water or electrical line fails.

Home System Breakdown Coverage will cover your home in the event you have a major mechanical or electrical equipment breakdown so you aren’t left alone with bills for costly repairs or replacement of key systems that make your home run.

Service Line Coverage which covers underground piping and wiring located on your property is damaged. Losses can easily total $4,000 or more when considering the cost of repairs or replacement of lines that have been damaged. Both of these coverages come standard in our homeowner's policies with no extra cost to you. Combine all these great coverages with the chance to get 25% Cash Back Rewards when you bundle your Home and Auto insurance and you have a pretty awesome opportunity for both protection and savings.

Renters Insurance

Renters Renters insurance is important for many reasons. It covers your personal items if they were stolen or lost and it even covers personal liability so if someone was to get hurt on your property you are covered. Not to mention the fact that they are very inexpensive and can qualify you for Cash Back Rewards when you have your Auto Insurance and renters insurance combined.

Rental Owner Property

You may not live there, but the rental property you own is a big investment. So, just like you protect your own home with the right insurance coverage, you want to do the same for your rental.  Rental Dwelling policies can help pay for property damage, injury and liability claims made against you, even loss of rental income if your property is damaged by a covered loss.