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Business Insurance

General Business Liability Event insurance Bond insurance We offer commercial insurance to protect your business from potential losses you might encounter in your day-to-day. We take a comprehensive approach so your policy will cover your general liability, building coverage, business personal property etc. we customize a plan to fit you and your specific business. We also have the capabilities to help you with your bond insurance as well as your event insurance from one day to an entire year.

Business Umbrella's

Commercial umbrellas are important to give you extra coverage you might need in the event you were to have big loss. This umbrella can cover multiple policies such as your Commercial Auto insurance and Commercial Liability insurance

Business Auto Insurance

It’s important to get the proper coverage when using vehicles specifically for business purposes. Our business auto policies help protect you and your employees while they attend to day to day activities. We also help protect your business in the event your employees were to use their own vehicles for business purposes. Lastly we make sure that your business can still operate in the event you need to rent a vehicle to continue to perform your daily business functions.

Food Truck Insurance

Affordable Business Insurance Plans that's customized to Your Business Needs. 

Your business will need protection from potential injuries, damages, general liability, or illness, which is particularly important when serving food.

Finding ways to protect your business from unfortunate events is crucial because depending on the claim, you could face major financial loss without adequate coverage.

Depending on the type of food truck you operate, there might be different types of insurance requirements and considerations. For example, a truck that prepares food with commercial equipment might need a different type of coverage than an ice cream truck.

We make is easy to get your food business coverage so you can be out there sharing your food.  

Employer Group Auto Insurance Discounts

Our employer group auto discounts program is known as Benefits Xpress is an awesome program we can offer businesses who have more than 15 employees. All the business has to do is opt into this free program and we will give all their owners and employees an extra 10% discount on their auto insurance just for working for the company.